MILO Slams Sadiq Khan For Attending Gender-Segregated Muslim Events


At his University of Central Florida talk, MILO called out London mayor, Sadiq Khan, his attendance of gender-segregated Muslim events and the misuse of the term “moderate Muslim.”

We hear a lot about moderate Muslims, but in practice we don’t see them. All the moderate Muslims I know are ex-Muslims, or haven’t been to Friday prayers for months, or even years.”

He then referenced Sadiq Khan, the left-wing Muslim mayor of London. 

“London has elected a Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, who is praised as a moderate  But many have been left wondering just how moderate he is.”

MILO slammed Mayor Khan for attending gender-segregated Islamic events.

“This is the mayor who is perfectly happy to turn up to segregated rallies, where the women have to stand at the back and cover their heads. And he says nothing about it.”

MILO also attacked his puritanism, questioning whether he was motivated by feminism or Islam. 

“Khan banned sexy advertisements from the underground like the famous Protein World ads.  Was this move really to combat body shaming, like feminists wanted?  Or was it to make the underground more shariah-compliant?”

But according to MILO, it doesn’t end there — because Khan is involved in more than just censoring Western culture and the women within it.

“Sadiq Khan has met with a lot of shady and decidedly non-moderate Islamic types.  He has associated with convicted terrorist Babar Ahmad, who is credited with inspiring the gang behind the 7/7 bombings.  For those of you that don’t know, that was London’s smaller scale 9/11.”

He continued:

“This is a mayor who says terrorism is “Part & parcel of living in a big city” but it shouldn’t be, should it?”


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