Milo Event At Villanova University Cancelled Following Protests

Milo 714

Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos will no longer be speaking at Villanova University, after college officials decided to cancel his November appearance, reports The Tab.

Milo, who was invited to speak by the Villanova College Republicans, was scheduled to appear on November 15th but following debate between college officials, the event has been cancelled, largely due to backlash from left-wing activists on campus. 

Following the announcement of Milo’s talk, students created petitions to ban the event from taking place, the local campus newspaper received multiple “letters to the editor” and student protestors began to purchase event tickets in the hope of buying all the available tickets, forcing actual Milo fans to miss the event.

Leftist students took to name-calling and smearing Milo on social media in attempts to strengthen their arguments against him,

The College Republicans received criticism for their choice of speaker,with some members claiming that a “select few executive members” had made the decision to invite Milo and many were opposed to it. Others however believe that Milo should be allowed to speak in the name of free speech.

Allie, a member of the college republicans, said: “This isn’t about a club inviting a controversial speaker to campus, it’s about a university choosing to favor a “safe space” over the expression of opinions on campus.”

Victoria Kurlander, a communications professor at Villanova University was planning on protesting Milos appearance alongside a group of students, “I knew it wouldn’t fly. It only takes three minutes of Googling the guy to see why.” said Kurlander, “Despite his degrading comments and hypocrisy, I was looking forward to a true political debate on campus with an interesting aftermath to follow. But he’s absurd as f*** so I’m not surprised he’s not coming.”

When asked for comment on the event cancellation, Milo simply said, “Faggots.”


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