***LIVE AT 8PM EST*** MILO Performs Art Piece At ‘Daddy Will Save Us’ Exhibit In NYC


Tonight in New York City, MILO along with Gavin McInnes, Martin Shkreli and more will present a piece of performance art at “Daddy Will Save Us,” the first Pro-Trump art show.

The event is hosted by Lucian Wintrich, already known for his last art show “Twinks For Trump,” which also featured MILO as guest speaker. The event begins at 7:00pm (EST), at 132 West 18th Street, Chelsea, New York City. Tickets are still available, and can be purchased via IndieGoGo.

MILO will deliver a speech alongside Wintrich at 8:30pm (EST). You can watch MILO’s appearance, and his performance piece, at the livestream above.

MILO’s piece will feature himself in a clawfoot bath filled with “the blood of innocents,” a tribute to those who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens and terrorists. MILO’s piece will be a challenge to globalist, left-wing immigration policies and lax policing. The piece is titled “ANGEL MOM.”

The Gallery Notes for Yiannopoulos’ performance art piece are copied below.

MILO, 2016
Ceramic bathtub and pig’s blood

In this installation, MILO pays tribute to the suffering of those who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists. Many violent criminals have been deported multiple times only to return to the United States to commit more crime.

Drenched in the blood of innocents, MILO urges the viewer to consider the suffering wrought by globalist, Left-wing immigration policies, lax policing and the obsessive pandering and mollycoddling of Islam by progressive social justice warriors.

MILO is a warning from Europe. He urges the viewer to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in November.

MILO will also discuss the Trump Tapes, and how the culture war has flipped upside down as the left now tries to censor art and artists.

Lucian Wintrich’s art show has sent shockwaves around the international art world, and promises to be the most controversial art event in decades. Leftist activists are already preparing to protest it, and Wintrich has already been thrown out of one venue, before being threatened with legal action by a furious anti-Trump gallery realtor.

The Daily Beast recently published an in-depth look inside Wintrich’s upcoming event, calling it the “first pro-Trump art show in the nation’s history.”


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