MILO: Obama is Handing The Internet Over To ‘Kebabs, Censorship, And Religious Fanatics’


In a speech entitled “Obama Just Handed The Internet Over To Monsters,” MILO explained why President Obama’s plans to hand over control of the internet to an unknown unaccountable organisation will be a disaster for freedom of speech.

MILO said the handover would mean “power handed over to opaque, vaguely-defined organizations free from any accountability,” which could present a threat to the first amendment if taken over by the United Nations or someone like George Soros, or people “who are happy to use their power to impose their wacky progressive world views on everyone else.”

He went on to express concern over the influence of foreign powers if the internet falls under the control of the United Nations, meaning it would be more difficult for America to protect its first amendment rights, as countries such as Turkey, who use state censorship, are given more influence.

These new owners will be countries known for three things: kebabs, censorship and murderous religious fanatics,” he said.

MILO also cited China’s ban on news reporting unless it is state-run. He added that if the Chinese gained enough influence could eventually lead to the closure of sites such as Breitbart. 

However, MILO argued that the worst possible outcome for the internet would be that the United Nations uses it as a medium to pursue their feminist causes. Showing the audience of Anita Sarkeesian addressing the UN on why anti-feminist rhetoric should be banned from the internet, he said that a “feminist controlled internet is very dangerous.”

“Cyber-violence, like ‘online harassment’ and other terms cooked up by loopy activists, is defined as anything that hurts a feminist’s feelings. Imagine the UN censoring everything that makes women unhappy,” he added.

He concluded the talk by saying that a vote for Donald Trump would be one method of protecting the internet from progressive censorship.

“It’s up to Daddy, and to all of us, to fix this. Vote for Trump, spread the word, and educate your fellow students so they don’t wake up one day to find that their favourite porn sites and the Milo homepage, which should be the same thing, are banned from the Internet.”

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