FULL TEXT: Milo At The Ohio State University In Dangerous Faggot Pre-Election Extravaganza

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Welcome to THE Dangerous Faggot Tour, my name is Milo Yiannopoulos. I am the supervillain of the Internet and have been deemed too dangerous for the fragile psyches of college students at a number of American universities.

I understand your university almost pulled off the old trick of last minute security fees. $800 this time. But they eventually came to their senses, perhaps worried that I would bring it up in my speech tonight. Well fuck it I’m going to roast them anyway.

Welcome to my election extravaganza!

In honor of THE Ohio State University standing up for free speech by hosting me this evening, I will stress the THE in the name of my tour at each stop for the next month.

I will admit I was really puzzled to learn just how important THE is to Ohio State, in an era where companies and organizations rush to drop the ‘the’. I’ll just add it to my list of Ohio State mysteries, like why your mascot is a nut.

I’m not a sports guy, but at least the Wolverines are wild animals and the fighting Irish are…. realistic.  You’re just a bunch of nuts. Come to think of it, I’m shocked there aren’t feminist protests against such a patriarchal team name. Unlike me they hate nuts!

A few people in the audience thought I’d get through this introduction without talking about spirit cooking. But come on! The right wing of America is caught up in another Satanic panic. The difference is, this time it’s real! We’ve seen the emails!

Spirit cooking is some kind of occult practice involving blood, semen, spit, and a variety of other bodily substances.  I had no clue it could be a ritual, I call it date night! Maybe I’ve been using them in the wrong order.

I know a thing or two about black magic, you know. The ancient spirits of Africa flow through me. Regularly.

I’ve believed for months that Hillary Clinton sold her soul to Saudi Arabia, I had no idea she sold her soul to the devil. It can’t be worth much, can it? Worth less than America’s Uranium certainly.  Who knew that “I’m with her” applied to evil supernatural entities?

We shouldn’t be surprised. Lesbians and witchcraft go together like Donald Trump and winning!

How many electoral votes does Hell get? I thought I understood the electoral college, is there a loophole I don’t know? I assume she has Saul Alinsky down there organizing the community to vote for her.

After all in states without Voter ID, when Ashtaroth and Beelzebub the Lord of Flies show up to vote, what election official is going to tell them no?

The Clintons have turned into such villains that the demons summoned through spirit cooking take notes on them. It’s like a masterclass in demonic behavior. The demons wonder how she has done it all in one human lifetime.

If you want a great example of media bias, imagine if the Trump campaign was participating in satanic rituals involving blood and semen. The closest thing Donald Trump has to an occult ritual is eating fried chicken with a knife and fork.

But you won’t hear a word about spirit cooking in the mainstream media, because Hillary Clinton is the chosen one. Who knows, maybe the media has the same boss she does!

For Catholic priests watching this stream, and I’m sure there’s some of you, I urge you to spray Hillary voters with holy water while yelling at them THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!  

I’m sure team Hillary is staging a black mass tonight – I’ll be enjoying the same thing myself later tonight. But let’s take things back to a more wholesome family friendly place.

I am very pleased to be in central Ohio for my last college speech before the election. Ohio is an important state in this election, and I hope everyone in this room and the thousands of Ohioans watching this stream vote on Tuesday for Donald Trump.

Your governor, Hungry John Kasich, decided not to stand up for America.

He wrote in John McCain, who has all of Hillary Clinton’s politics without any of her trademark personal charm.

When I encourage Ohioans to vote for Donald Trump, I don’t have to mention that only legal voters should do so. There’s no point asking illegals, felons and dead people to vote for Trump — we already know they’re voting Clinton.

Each group of ineligible voters has their own motivations to break the law.  In the case of dead voters, I believe they are the only people that can get a decent deal on Obamacare coverage.

Republicans have also participated in shady voting schemes in the past, but those elements of the GOP are solidly NeverTrump. Therefore, for those of you that support Trump, or even just support freedom and the American way, you must turn out to vote in huge numbers to remove even the possibility of fraud.

Some of you may wonder why a fabulously handsome, witty, successful and popular Brit has taken time out of his haircare maintenance schedule to come here tonight to speak about the election. The reason is that America needs a wake up call from Europe about what sort of future you’re headed into.

There is a rich history of America being best described by foreigners, it started with Alexis de Tocqueville’s book “Democracy in America.”

It is easy for Americans to forget a simple fact that is very clear to the people around the world that yearn to live in this country: America is the best country in the entire damn world! It deserves to be made great again, because America is, in the words of President Ronald Reagan, “the last best hope of mankind”.

Because we are so close to the election, I am going to speak on a few unrelated topics that I think are particularly important on Tuesday. Please keep your tray tables in the upright and locked position, I think it’s going to get bumpy.

Hillary Clinton sells everything that isn’t nailed down, trades favors for cash and flagrantly breaks the rules at every turn. I know that sounds like the Ohio State football program of 5 years ago, but it is in fact the presidential candidate of the current year.

Every day we learn in the news about a new division of the FBI that is investigating the Clintons.

One of the few federal law enforcement agencies not investigating the Clintons is the Coast Guard, so a big round of applause for Hillary not violating the territorial waters of this great nation.  Not yet at least.

Many people are suffering from election fatigue. They just want it to be over with, so everything can go back to normal. I hate to break it to you, but I suspect the news about the Clinton’s legal troubles will only ramp up after the election, regardless of who wins.

But Hillary’s legal problems are not the reasons she cannot win.  In fact there are 5 really good policy reasons to never vote for Hillary.

  1. The Supreme Court — Hillary’s vision of the Supreme Court is a majority liberal court that will spend the next several decades destroying the constitution. If you enjoy your rights as an American, especially the first and second amendment, you should oppose Hillary Clinton. As a bonus, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg promises to retire if Trump is elected! What other motivation do you need?
  • Amnesty — Hillary Clinton is eager to give amnesty to illegal aliens. We don’t even know how many there are, but she will turn all of them into voters. If you think you’ll ever see another republican elected after that happens, you probably still have a Jeb Bush bumper sticker on your car.
  • “Refugees” — Hillary is intent on flooding this country with Muslim “refugees”. Hey, it has worked out wonderfully for Western Europe, let’s do it here! Gays and women have special concerns about this government sponsored invasion, but all the feminists complaining about the mythical campus rape culture are in for a rude awakening when real rape culture shows up on these shores. They will not like it.
  • Trade Deals — Hillary will continue Obama’s tradition of disastrous trade deals. Jobs will disappear from this country faster than you can say “China.” This one should hit home with college students, because you’d like the opportunity to get a decent job without moving to Jakarta or Mexico City, right?
  • Healthcare — Hillary herself has said that before it was called Obamacare, it was called Hillarycare. She probably isn’t so happy with that comparison now, is she? Obamacare is a failure that Hillary must not be allowed to waste more money on. Hillary must be grateful she’s too rich to need Obamacare, the number of times that woman keels over needing an epi pen or a glug of heavy water.

OK five reasons isn’t enough, so the sixth bonus reason is:

  1.  Warmonger — Hillary has the support of the Neocons because she loves toppling states in the Middle East.  She seems intent on picking a fight with Russia too. Hillary darling, just because you sold America’s Uranium to Russia doesn’t mean you have to give them reasons to use it on us!

Folks, these six policies ought to make you shake, rattle and roll worse than Hillary an hour after the meds wear off.

Donald Trump, on the other hand — Daddy — will restore strength and masculinity as a virtue in America.

We’ve had enough nurturing, we’ve had enough coddling, we’ve had enough safe spaces: we need to make America hate again. Perhaps that is too strong of a phrase, but I love the pun.

If we consider the Cis-Hetero-Patriarchy, or as we used to call it, civilization, masculinity is a tremendous virtue. The word virtue itself comes from the latin virtus, which means “moral strength, high character, goodness; manliness; valor, bravery, courage; excellence, worth.”

These are all terms that leave feminists shaking and crying. Most of Hillary’s attack ads on Donald Trump boil down to “He is a bad man that says bad things!”  or to make it even simpler, sexist! Racist! Meanie!

But what Donald Trump will really do is bring tough love back into vogue. My legions of veteran and active duty fans know a thing or two about tough love. They got it in boot camp and it turned them into men.  

The old saying goes “there are no atheists in foxholes”, but I would amend that slightly to “There are no atheists, vapers, cyclists, male feminists, libertarians or Hillary voters in foxholes”.

Think about some of your fellow college students. Surely everyone in this room knows someone that by age is a young man or woman, but acts like a child. America is turning into a nation of crybabies and I’m sure the lines to enter OSU’s designated safe spaces tonight attest to that.

Back before our civilization despised itself, we applauded tough men. But you can’t produce tough men – or honorable women – without tough love. If you want to keep civilization, you better start by insisting that boys grow up, instead of trying to infantilize them so they’re afraid to stop sucking their thumbs.

I can’t imagine Donald Trump sucking his thumb, except perhaps after a Zinger Tower Burger.

Contrast this with Hillary, the ultimate crybaby.  She can’t stop complaining about the gender wage gap, but the Clinton Foundation has the worst wage gap I’ve ever heard of.

You have to feel for poor Bill. Every time he hears ‘gender’ and ‘gap’ in the same sentence he gets hard, then he sees Hillary’s crossed eyes and evil smile and he’s booking another flight on the Lolita Express.

Hillary’s surrogate Lena Dunham is arguing against the existence of straight white males at the same time Hillary plots with the muslim sponsors of ISIS to ship them over here. What a mixed up world we live in — the feminist wants rape culture while the Donald wants to protect women.

Here’s a taste of Hillary’s America. It’s Lena Dunham talking about the “extinction” of white men.

We all know the election is rigged. Texas has had widespread problems with early voting machines seemingly switching votes by themselves. I wonder who could be behind this?

Americans are so concerned about voter fraud and computer voting without a paper trail that many are organizing exit polling operations, like Stop the Steal dot org.

On top of that, we know the technology companies that run social media are completely rigged for Hillary.  Wikileaks has shown Eric Schmidt of Google communicating with the Clinton campaign, and both Facebook and Twitter are best friends forever with Hillary. Every time a hashtag about Hillary’s problem briefly trends, a censor loses their job for allowing free speech on Twitter.

As if that weren’t enough, the polls have been rigged so badly, they had to come up with the euphemism of “enthusiasm gap” to explain why they show Hillary doing well in the polls, but unable to draw more than a few hundred people to a rally compared to Trump’s thousands. Coincidentally those polls are normalizing in the last week of the race, because the polling firms don’t want to look as foolish as the Brexit pollsters did the day after.

But the most egregious rigging of this election has been the media. The media used to be known as the fourth estate because it was the watchdog that kept an eye on the government, like Woodward and Bernstein did with Watergate.

But that is the past. Now the media is completely beholden to the Clintons, and we know from Wikileaks reached out for approval of stories, and to rig the debates. CNN was happy to pin that on Donna Brazile, but you and I know CNN is the Clinton News Network.

Many Americans don’t get their news from the Internet, they aren’t active on Twitter. They watch the nightly news or FOX, and they are getting an amazingly skewed version of reality.

An amazing piece has just come out by a lefty, one of the rare courageous ones, named Ken Silverstein. His article in the Observer is titled “This Election has Disgraced the Entire Profession of Journalism”.  

He details the failings of a media that has become a surrogate of the Clinton campaign, the Ultimate Super Pac. He says many things that most journalists are too cowardly to admit, like the fact that the mainstream media has left the Clinton Foundation virtually untouched.

Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails make Watergate look like Nixon shoplifted a candy bar, but you wouldn’t know it from what the media has reported.

But after Weiner’s laptop was found, it doesn’t seem like the FBI is buying it. I wonder if people that watch the mainstream media even know about that story?

Why is it so shocking when a real journalist like Ken Silverstein speaks the truth to the Clinton’s power? It is because the media has fallen into an advocacy role for Hillary Clinton and the policies of Democrats in general, instead of existing as that fourth estate, a watchdog for the people.

That’s what we mean by rigged.

They have a single goal, to STOP TRUMP. They want to make the news instead of reporting on it, as evidenced by the coverage of the ridiculous women who stepped forward with allegations against Trump in recent weeks. You aren’t hearing much from them anymore are you? That is because their stories were so fake they couldn’t convince a single voter.

Believe me, I’ve known a lot of journalists, and their opinions on most subjects are wrong. If the entire mainstream media is aligned against Trump, it is just about the best endorsement he could hope for!

Silverstein quotes two famous leftists of the past on the subject of journalism.  I want you to think carefully about these quotes, and if the media fits them today:

I.F. Stone wrote, “All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.”

The Clinton’s have run the government in some fashion for decades, yet the media uncritically goes along with them. Has CNN or MSNBC even once really challenged her? There is an astonishing lack of real journalism happening in America, which is why Breitbart is reaching record numbers of people, and an entire cottage industry of citizen journalists has sprung up.

Can you believe they also accept that she is healthy? Her campaign carries around so much medical equipment that every building she enters is considered a hospital for insurance purposes!

The same people that say investigating her health is sexist were the world’s best investigative reporters when it was John McCain and Bob Dole’s health records.

Secondly, George Orwell wrote, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

So how does the media do on this one? Does the New York Times print anything Hillary doesn’t want printed?  Or is it a Clinton PR firm?  Their profits are down 95%, I wonder if being part of Team Hillary has anything to do with it.

We know social justice is cancer to profits. Bud Light just dumped the Amy Schumer Seth Rogen ads because sales were tanking.

Orwell represents the and older type of liberal, who thought free speech and a free press are big positives of western society.  He wrote 1984 as a warning for what a totalitarian regime could do to western civilization, but 1984 is a sort of wet dream to the leftists of today.

As an example of how rigged the media has gotten, I am going to play you a clip of me being interviewed by the BBC.

The media is completely rigged against Trump, and many people that vote only consume the garbage these so-called journalists put out. That is why it is up to you, the Trump supporters, to talk to the people in your life, to share the real facts of this election and help them see that they are being lied to.

This can be unpleasant, politics can be a tough conversation with family and friends. But if a liberal like Ken Silverstein can put everything on the line by speaking out against Hillary and her media fanclub, you can do so too.

I’ve written and spoken extensively on the issue of gays and Islam. I continue to be shocked at Gay Americans insisting on supporting Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.  It is a matter of survival, she wants to import a culture intent on murdering gays. What more do you need to know?

I’ve even made my own campaign ad, my way of providing my support to Trump by reaching out to gay Americans uncertain about the future.

Gays and lesbians must wake up to the fact that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are no longer your friends. I can tell you in no uncertain terms that they don’t care about you, or they wouldn’t be bringing to America people who throw gays off roofs.

The gays off the roof thing doesn’t seem to bother Hillary.  She’s been thrown off the curb into her medical van like a side of beef, maybe she thinks gays are getting the same treatment from the muslims?

The Presence nightclub shooting didn’t slow them down for a moment. The shooter’s dad even appeared behind Hillary at a speech.  Thank God her crowds are so small so he was easy to spot!

Gays, if you think you matter to the Democrats, I challenge you to go try to get a gay wedding cake at a Muslim bakery. I think it will turn out a little differently than when you pick on Christians.

White gays are especially out of fashion with the Democrats. If we speak out against them they say we are men that have gay sex but not gay men. Many gays are awaking to the horrific fact that in the game of identity politics, they are now considered almost as bad as white straight men!  The Horror!

But still so many gay men and women stick with the Democrat party. They are like pathetic guys that hang on long after I’ve dumped them- Talk about fags!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again- gays should learn how to shoot back, should support a strong America that keeps out people who hate western culture, and should support Donald Trump.

Gays are smart and have high potential in every field, like Peter Thiel who has bravely stood up to not only to mainstream gay culture but also Silicon Valley and the media. No gay person should find it acceptable to be a controlled minority that does and says whatever the Democrat party tells them.

Christians may not like the gay lifestyle, but they won’t shoot you for it, and they support your constitutional rights. More importantly, they have no interest in importing the Muslim culture of hatred against gays to the United States.

Gay culture is built on not allowing society or anyone else dictate our lifestyle, so don’t let the left dictate your politics!

As I said at the beginning of this evening’s talk, America is a wonderful place, the best place on earth. Many men died to make it that way, and then later to keep it that way.

No one is asking you to die now, but you must vote to keep the America you know and love. We’ve been waging a battle across the country to preserve free speech on campus in the face of social justice warriors and the professors that turned them into petty tyrants, and on Tuesday the entire country faces the same battle.

I’m not going to predict the results of Tuesday’s election. People paid to make grand predictions typically end up being catastrophically wrong. You know, like the media that predicted that Donald Trump wouldn’t win a single primary?

However signs are very positive for Trump. The polls are changing rapidly– Trump has broken 50% of decided voters according to Rasmussen, and eliminated a big deficit in  Virginia.  Pennsylvania is in play against expectations.

Donald Trump has massive overflow crowds, Governor Pence fills rooms, and even his children speak at huge rallies. Hillary can only get together as many people as will it in an ambulance or emergency room.

The media, the pollsters, and the Clintons are scared. That is EXACTLY how we want them.  Now it is up to you, the voters. Get out there, go vote and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Written from prepared remarks.



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