MILO Receives Annie Taylor Award For Courage At David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend

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Tonight, November 11th, MILO accepted the Annie Taylor Award For Bravery presented to him at the David Horowitz Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, FL.

Other guests of the night included BREXIT champion Nigel Farage, Dinesh D’Souza, creator of Hillary’s America, Peter Schweizer, creator of Clinton Cash, and more.

MILO began his acceptance speech discussing his recent travels to New York City, where he attended the Donald J. Trump presidential victory party.

“Hillary Clinton’s supporters couldn’t imagine a world in which she’d lose to Donald Trump. Look at it from their perspective — although their candidate is obviously ill, completely out of touch with the real world, an insane old megalomaniac, and surrounded by a staff curiously obsessed with cheese pizza, they thought they had this wrapped up.”

He continued on, explaining just how the fate of the election came about, and how nobody expected it one bit.

“The courage of Trump and his voters handed Hillary Clinton the worst electoral defeat of a Democrat in 28 years. 28 years! Some of you were the age of my typical college audiences the last time this happened! No one in the media predicted it, vanishingly few on the conservative side predicted it, and we know a lot of cowardly conservatives didn’t even want Trump to win.”

MILO carried on, arguing that courage and agency is key in the political world.

“Courage is an excellent thing to honor. What does it say about conservatives that we give so few awards to honor it? As some of you may know, it is legally required by the United Kingdom that I quote Churchill, who pointed out “Courage is required first, for any of the other virtues to operate”. Conservatives must understand that courage is DOING THINGS. It is not writing essays that will only be read by other conservatives over the age of 50. It is not, to bastardize Teddy Roosevelt’s famous line, talking loudly while not carrying a stick at all.”

He mentions his grotto, “laughter and war,” and why it’s absolutely necessary in a culture war. The two together are “infectious,” incapable of not garnering worldwide attention and winning the hearts and minds of young people.

“I am sincerely proud to accept this courage award because the past winners never forgot how to laugh and how to battle.”

MILO closes out with a strong finish, invigorating his allies and onlookers.

“So let us fight, but let our motto be Risus et bellum, Laughter and war. Because nothing stings our foes, foreign and domestic, more than our hearty laughter at their lies and nonsense. And also because nothing will better remind us what we’re fighting for than the laughter of Chesterton, of Rabelais, of Chaucer and Shakespeare, and of the God who inspired them all.

A toast:  To courage!” concluded MILO.


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