UNM Leftist Groups Claim MILO Show Will Cause Violence, Despite Past Violence Coming from Leftist Protesters


Left-wing student groups from the University of New Mexico claim that MILO’s upcoming visit to the campus will cause “physical violence,” ignoring the fact that previous violent incidents have been caused by leftist protesters.

The letter, which was signed by such groups as the Black Student Union, the Queer Student Alliance, the Muslim Student Association, Showing Up for Racial Justice, and the Red Nation — a communist group — claimed that MILO’s appearance would cause “physical violence and expand bias against us,” adding that he spreads “hate speech that continues to terrorize students.”

“We… will do everything in our power to protect students from fascism and violence,” concluded the letter, hinting at the possibility of violent tactics to shut down MILO’s show.

MILO has been threatened numerous times both before and during his campus shows, some of which were cancelled due to genuine threats.

On President Trump’s inauguration day, MILO’s show at the University of Washington was heavily affected after left-wing and “anti-fascist” protesters turned up with baseball bats and sharpened sticks. Two police helicopters were called out, as well as a bomb squad and riot police, after numerous MILO fans were assaulted, an official cameraman being spat on, and the shooting of one protester by another.

Prior to the show, a banner had been spotted in Seattle, where the university is located, encouraging protesters to “stab” MILO on inauguration day.

Though the president of the University of Washington originally denied violence at the protest, she eventually claimed to be “heartbroken” that violent acts had been committed by students.

Earlier in January, MILO’s show at UC Davis had to be cancelled after left-wing protesters ripped down barricades, threw furniture at attendees, assaulted press with hot coffee, spat on camera menscreamed at police officers who were protecting those inside, and attempted to destroy the equipment of those filming.

An event in December was also cancelled following threats from Dakota Pipeline protesters, while several protesters were arrested at Michigan State University last year.

At the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, MILO’s video producer was attacked by communist protesters, while in May, two #BlackLivesMatter activists stormed MILO’s stage and threatened him, with one protester throwing her fist near his face while screaming.

“Anti-fascists” have repeatedly encouraged protesters to disrupt MILO’s shows.

In an open letter response to the New Mexico leftists, a UNM student accused left-wing protesters at the school planning to use violence to shut down Breitbart Senior Editor MILO’s upcoming show.

“Unfortunately, it has become a frequent trend where leftist groups use force and violence in an effort to censor those who have opposing views,” declared student Andres Del Aguila. “At UC Davis, protesters used violence to successfully coerce the student group that sponsored Yiannopoulos to shut down their event. It is apparent that leftist groups at UNM plan to do the same.”

“In the letter, these student groups pledge to do everything in their power ‘to protect students from fascism and violence,’ even if that means implementing fascist and violent tactics during their protest to shut down the event,” he continued. “The Red Nation, the student group organizing the protest, vowed to ‘deny Milo a platform at UNM by taking the room, the stage and the mic’ on the Facebook page dedicated to the protest.”

“This is where the hypocrisy lies,” Aguila concluded. “Using force and violence to censor political opponents is a tactic of real fascists.”

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