MILO: ‘Nothing Says Women’s Rights Like a Sharia Law Activist Who Wears the Hijab’

Milo CU Boulder

Breitbart Senior Editor MILO criticized the feminists who stood in solidarity with Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour, joking “nothing says women’s rights like a Sharia law activist in a hijab.”

“This is Linda Sarsour, the Hamas-loving Muslim woman throwing up the ISIS sign that somehow was in charge of the women’s march on Washington. Because nothing says women’s rights like a Sharia law activist in a hijab,” proclaimed MILO ironically. “Seriously, this is how stupid liberals are.”

“How did women become so insane, that they’d march with Muslims and talk about how terrible it is to be a woman in America? They all stopped at Starbucks before marching too. Starbucks that cost more than many women on earth make in a week,” he continued. “Linda isn’t a pretty woman, look at that schnozz, and that jaw line! Plus she has the little smirk Muslim women always have when they are pulling the wool over the eyes of western civilization. I always argue against the full burka but she could use one.”

“You see a lot of masculine jaw lines, especially on young female journalists,” MILO concluded. “Some of them are trannies of course so the jawline make sense, but others have it due to heightened levels of testosterone typically driven by aggressive masculine postures. Activists are pushy, and that raises testosterone.”

Written from prepared remarks.

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