Rubio: 'Doubtful' Congress Could Solve NFL Concussion Problem

Rubio: 'Doubtful' Congress Could Solve NFL Concussion Problem

On Tuesday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said it was doubtful that Congress could solve the NFL’s concussion problem, and it would not be a wise use of time to attempt to do so with hearings. 

“The idea that Congress, that can’t even pass a budget, is going to solve concussions in the NFL is doubtful, at best,” Rubio said at a BuzzFeed event. 

He said having hearings about NFL safety issues in Congress would not be the “wisest and best use of our time.” 

Rubio also noted other sports – like soccer and cheerleading – pose dangers as well and said better tackling techniques need to be taught in football. Rubio said when he was playing football, his coaches taught him to tackle with his head, so that his helmet would hit the football when making tackles.