Alabama, LSU in Recruiting War over 8th-Grader

Alabama, LSU in Recruiting War over 8th-Grader

Alabama and LSU have played in what may be college football’s best–and most heated and significant–rivalry the last five college football seasons, and now they are competing for an 8th-grade football player.

Alabama and LSU made offers to Edward Moses, an eighth-grade football player from Louisiana, for their 2017 class.

Moses’s father said Alabama and LSU are his son’s top choices. 

“We have LSU right here. They have access to us. At Alabama, we know what they have over there with the great running backs and another first-rounder on the way,” Moses’s father said. “Those two schools are No. 1, and everybody else is 2, 3, 4 and 5.”

Moses is 6-foot-1, 215 pounds.

Alabama has won back-to-back national titles and three of the last four. Alabama’s annual showdown with LSU is often considered the de facto title game, and it seems as though these schools are trying to do whatever it takes to get even more of a competitive advantage on the other.