GLAAD Attacks Tebow for Speaking at Liberty

GLAAD Attacks Tebow for Speaking at Liberty

GLAAD, the gay rights organization, slammed New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow for speaking at Liberty University’s commencement and Wildfire Weekend and not addressing gay rights issues.

Tebow spoke last Friday at the university’s commencement and then addressed a conference of male students at the university on Saturday. 

According to GLAAD, though, Tebow was wrong to attend these events because they made “no mention of LGBT issues or acceptance.” 

GLAAD also criticized reporters like Fox’s Todd Starnes for daring to suggest that the organizations like GLAAD often bullies and intimidates athletes like Tebow who speak at religiously-affiliated universities and institutions. 

In his remarks on Friday, Tebow only spoke positively about life and God and made no mention of social issues whatsoever, but that is still not enough for organizations like GLAAD. 

Photo credit: Liberty University Facebook page