Florida Coach Takes Shot at Urban Meyer During SEC Media Days

Florida Coach Takes Shot at Urban Meyer During SEC Media Days

Will Muschamp is clearly getting a little tired of his predecessor, Urban Meyer, getting in his way. The Florida coach took the opportunity at SEC Media Days to punch back.

Meyer is now the coach at Ohio State, the school that turned in Florida for two secondary violations, and Muschamp sees a clear link between the allegations and the Buckeye’s head coach.

“In both situations we were turned in by Ohio,” he said. “We didn’tdo anything wrong. The University of Florida didn’t do anything wrong.And so we appreciated our friends from Ohio making sure we’re compliantwith NCAA rules.”

Muschamp went on to mock Ohio State, a program currently under probation, by adding that “they certainly know a little bit about that subject.”

The incidents reported by Ohio State were minor issues regarding contact with recruits. As Muschamp noted, the Gators were found innocent both times. However, despite official word that he was not involved, sources and logic indicate that Meyer was aware of and endorsed the attack on Florida.

This would not be the first time Meyer has been involved in rumors about attacking previous attachments. The coach was rumored to be pushing some of the hits on his former player, Cam Newton, after he left the school and wound up at Auburn.

Both Florida and Ohio State are poised to be contenders this season which means there could be plenty of intrigue if the two were to meet in the postseason. For now, Muschamp is fanning the flames at SEC Media Days and encouraged reporters to follow up with Meyer next week when they turn their focus to the Big Ten.