High School Cancels Football Game Over Racist Graffiti

High School Cancels Football Game Over Racist Graffiti

In northwest Boston, Lunenburg High School cancelled its game against Oakmont Regional after racist graffiti was spray painted on a player’s house. The FBI is investigating the incident.

The game was supposed to take place on Friday, but the parents of the eighth grade player on the freshman team reported it to the police, who then reported it to the school. The superintendent decided to postpone the game indefinitely.

Andrea Brazier, the mother of Isaac Phillips — who had been granted permission to play for the school’s freshman and junior varsity football teams — told reporters her family awoke Friday morning to see their home’s foundation had been spray-painted. 

“Knights don’t need n——,” the graffiti said, noting the Lunenburg mascot.

Phillips has also been the subject of bullying incidents while on the high school teams, including having his cleats removed from his locker, filled with water and thrown in the trash can, his family says, according to the reports. The tires of a bicycle he used as transportation home from practice were also slashed, he said. 

Brazier is white, and his father Anthony is half-black. Phillips is upset about the incident because his two younger brothers and sister will see it. Brazier said Phillips wants to transfer to another school.

“My son doesn’t want to go to school there anymore. He says he wants to go to Leominster,” she said. “I told him to sleep on it, but he’s made up his mind that he never wants to go back to that school.”


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