Tim Tebow Reveals Insane Workout Regimen in Pursuit of NFL Dream

Tim Tebow Reveals Insane Workout Regimen in Pursuit of NFL Dream

Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer, who starred at Fresno State and won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens, said Tim Tebow was one of the best quarterbacks in college football without even knowing how to throw a football properly. 

Now, according to Dilfer, Tebow can throw the football like an NFL quarterback and deserves a shot on an NFL roster. He predicted that Tebow would eventually make an NFL roster again.

In a segment for ESPN, Dilfer said that Tebow wanted Dilfer to give him an objective evaluation. Dilfer went to USC’s campus and profiled Tebow’s intense devotion to bettering himself as a quarterback. Tebow spent 10 hours a day for six days a week training doing hundreds of thousands of reps. And he did that for five months to make himself a better quarterback. He pushed himself to the limit every day because he just “wants it.” In addition to not wanting to be associated with the intense reaction Tebow gets from those who value his embrace of his Christian faith and those rankled by it, NFL teams have complained that Tebow was not able to make “NFL-type throws” while in the league. 

Now, Dilfer said that NFL scouts would not the know the difference between Tebow’s spiral and those of other NFL quarterbacks, and he said teams should at least consider that.

Though Tebow is now an ESPN analyst for the network’s SEC Network, he reportedly has an “out-clause” in his contract that will enable him to leave the network for the NFL if a team shows interests. 

In the offseason, former quarterbacks Chris Weinke and Vinnie Testaverde reportedly helped Tebow work on his footwork to make him a better passer. And a quarterback guru who has helped those like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco, and Alex Smith said he has not seen anyone who is as relentless and motivated as Tebow since Nolan Ryan. 


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