Man with Paralyzed Arm Wins Bow Championship Using Teeth

Man with Paralyzed Arm Wins Bow Championship Using Teeth

Eleven years ago, then-19-year-old Joe Wiseman lost the use of his right arm in an ATV accident. Earlier this month, he used his one good arm and his teeth to win Best Bow Hunter Freestyle Limited at the National Field Archery Indoor Championship.

According to, Wiseman spent the first three years after the accident thinking his bow-hunting days were over. However, he then took to the Internet and figured out that he could lock an arrow in place with his good arm, raise the bow into position with that same arm, and draw back the string with his teeth.

Wiseman normally draws “a weight of 62 pounds with his teeth,” but he “pumps it up to 72 pounds when he’s hunting.”

Because of this technique, Wiseman gets no opportunity at a shooting redo during a competition. Many people, he said, will pull the arrow back, and “if they don’t feel right,” they will hold the bow down and regroup. This is not an option for Wiseman. Once he’s got the string in his teeth, “that arrow is going down the lane.” 

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