1 Finger, $12,000: NFL Fines Johnny Manziel

1 Finger, $12,000: NFL Fines Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel lost his cool. Now he will lose $12,000.

The NFL fined the Browns backup for his middle-finger gesture aimed at the Redskins sideline on Monday Night Football earlier this week. The Redskins had been taunting Manziel for much of his time in the game. Linebacker Brian Orakpo, for instance, delivered a mocking “money” gesture, made famous by Manziel, after a teammate had sacked the rookie quarterback. Manziel admits the taunts got to him and he lost his composure.

The punishment comes cheaper than the one meted out by the league to the late Bud Adams. The NFL fined the Titans owner $250,000. For using double the middle fingers Adams received 21 times the fine, which hardly seems fair. The message? An owner should know better than a rookie.

The former Heisman Trophy-winner had a tough week. Before losing $12,000 to the league, Manziel lost the competition for the starter’s job in Cleveland to veteran Brian Hoyer.