Rush Limbaugh: Mainstream Sports Media Obsessed with Race

Rush Limbaugh: Mainstream Sports Media Obsessed with Race

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh called out mainstream media sports writers for being more liberal than news reporters and obsessing just as much about race. 

Limbaugh said that what he has learned over the years, especially after he “learned the game that sports media is all about,” is the “single most animating aspect of our culture, of our society that impassioned the sports media, is race.” 

“You’re bludgeoned with it,” he said. “They are simply obsessed with it. It took me awhile to figure this out. I suffered so many misconceptions about the sports media. I thought they were unaffected. I thought they were purely into sports.”

Limbaugh said that “it wasn’t until late in life that I learned they are as big, if not bigger, liberals than their buddies in the news media.”

“And once you learn that, you become sensitized to it. You know how to look at it and how to listen for it. You find out that race is the single biggest, most important thing to these people,” he continued. “In the cultural aspects, how sports reflects America and where sports is ahead of or behind sociological progression, race is the number one thing.”

Speaking of how much the media roots for Michael Sam, Limbaugh added that “homosexuality is giving it a run for its money right now, but race is the biggie, and it’s taught.” Limbaugh said that like their mainstream media brethren, “a lot of the sportswriters today are young and they weren’t alive in the sixties” and they want to desperately re-live it.