Tom Brokaw to Host Pro-Hunting Special For NBC Sports

Tom Brokaw to Host Pro-Hunting Special For NBC Sports

On November 19 news anchor Tom Brokaw will host an NBC Sports special showing his return to his native South Dakota for a pheasant hunt. 

The special will be titled, “Opening Day.”

According to the Argus Leader,  the special “examines traditions surrounding the beginning of hunting season, which is a big business in South Dakota.” Brokaw will show how the state endeared itself to pheasant hunters the world over and will visit “the annual dinner of the hunters’ group Pheasants Forever.”

He will also hunt, which is something the former NBC anchorman has been doing regularly for the last 20 years. 

Regarding the trip to South Dakota Brokaw said: “I stay in the small towns, and it’s revisiting my youth.” He loves the way South Dakota has marketed itself to become a pheasant hunting mecca, adding, “The state just gets it.”

Brokaw does an annual fishing trip with actor and friend Michael Keaton and that, too, is televised. The Outdoor Channel airs the fishing trip as part of its “Buccaneers & Bones” series.

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