Cowboy Cerrone: ‘What the F— Is Wrong with Being a Company Man?’

Donald Cerrone AP Photo by Julie Jacobson
Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

Donald Cerrone says that he accepted a fight with former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson scheduled two weeks and a day removed from his UFC 182 victory because he thinks he can win and, more importantly, because he’s a “s#!+-bat loon.”

“I could sit back like every other fighter and sit and wait,” Cowboy Cerrone tells Breitbart Sports. “But I’m not every other fighter. I’m my own guy and I don’t give a s#!+. Bring the fights on. You know? Like I said, if I’m going to be the champ I’ve got to beat everyone anyways. So what is sitting and waiting and holding my position do?”

Just as the kickboxer showcased a tool in his arsenal—Brazilian jiu jitsu—that surprised Myles Jury last Saturday night, he hopes to utilize another of his underestimated weapons against Benson Henderson a week from Sunday. “Wrestling is something I feel really confident in now.”

Cerrone, two days removed from making undefeated Myles Jury’s “0” go at UFC 182, accepted a fight scheduled just fifteen days after his previous one—and against a man who has beat him twice already. Cowboy explained on the conference call for UFC Fight Night in Boston that he took UFC President Dana White’s call to fill in for an injured Eddie Alvarez in his RV on the ride home from Nevada to New Mexico. And he plans on driving that same RV to Boston to fight Benson Henderson on January 18.

The trip from the desert to TD Garden takes, by Cerrone’s calculations, “one day, nine hours—so 32 hours.” His math’s a little off. But the former professional bull rider’s a little off, too.

“Prepare?” Cerrone responded to a Kevin Iole question on the conference call. “S#!+! I don’t even have enough time to prepare a cake. What are you talking about prepare? I’m just going in there fighting.” He acknowledges his penchant for taking bouts so quickly after fights is “probably damaging.” But he reasons, “So is cocaine and alcohol.”

When Breitbart Sports inquires about charges from Nate Diaz that his willingness to take fights on short notice makes him a kiss up and a company man, Cowboy goes Gary Cooper, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne—but not in a very Hays Code way.

“And what the f— is wrong with being a company man?” he blurts out in a delayed response after the next reporter starts his question. “That’s what I want to know, God d— it. What the hell is wrong with that?”