Palin Quips ‘I Can Literally See Canada From Here,’ Showcases Survival Skills

Sara Palin Amazing America Graphic

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin showcases survival skills and takes a creative shot at the lamestream media during the most recent edition of Amazing America with Sarah Palin on Sportsman Channel.

Viewers got a crash course in what it takes to compete in the Survival Trial, an event that combines adventure racing and competitive shooting over a three-day, 200-mile course. Later, they learned about the Wilderness Rescue Team, a small group of outdoor enthusiasts trying to make a difference in the field of wilderness rescue.

The show starts with field host Jerry Carroll in the high desert of New Mexico. He’s there to take part in a grueling endurance challenge. The Survival Trial puts competitors in situations that last 24, 48, or even 72 hours. Their tasks often include walking 50-80 miles or more. “All these scenarios come right out of the news,” said Jon Weiler, creator of Survival Trail.

To give Carroll the full experience, he was handed a pink Glock and thrown into the fray. Teaming up with different competitors, Carroll fired shots, pushed trucks, moved heavy items, and walked — a lot. Considering only one sole competitor finished this near impossible endeavor in a year’s time, Carroll did just fine.

“The world can be a pretty scary place sometimes,” Palin said. “In the event of a worse case scenario, will your survival skills be up to the task?”

Next, field host Tara Conner headed to Maine to met Joe Poulin and his committed group of volunteers. Wilderness Rescue Team has been rescuing stranded hikers and others in danger for 35 years.

The members come from all walks of life. They share a bond in loving nature and wanting to help those in need.

Conner and company took part in a pretend search for “Luke,” a 50-year-old amateur photographer reported missing by his wife a day ago. With only a description of his clothing, they set out hoping to find the missing man. This was just a practice run, but it sure seemed real.

When the group found “Luke,” he acted like a hypothermic victim. Poulin explains how it’s critical in these situations to follow protocol. Usually they send in one person to make friends with the person first . After establishing communication, the victim is given fluids and snacks. The idea is to not rattle the victim and to give them hope before conducting the actual rescue.

The man who plays “Luke” is used to this stuff. They’ve had him hanging from cliffs and trapped in rolled over vehicles.Dow Lamkin takes it all in stride. “It’s for a good cause,” he said with a smile.

“I love how the wilderness team trains with the same focus as elite athletes or a military unit,” Palin said. They need such focus in life and death matters such as these.

After the rescue mission, Conner was shown a medical scenario. Lamkin was back again as a victim who has fallen. The team, dressed in harnesses and helmets came to lend a hand. This time, Conner also needs some saving. The scenario that has Lamkin, now “Jason” as the fall victim also includes a woman who attempted to help him and fell herself. That’s the role played by Conner. The former Miss USA was great. She played along while being lifted up the side of a mountain. The realistic activity drives home just how important this amazing group is.

Before being pulled off the mountain, Conner commented about the view. That prompted some TV gold. “I can literally see Canada from here, well, practically,” Palin joked. A nice poke at the media members and politicians who have tried to pin a quote on Palin about seeing Russia from her backyard — something Palin never said.

Palin commended Conner for doing yeoman’s work. “Mama don’t do heights if she can help it,” Palin exclaimed.

Wilderness Rescue Team never knows when or where their next emergency will be. Nor do they know the seriousness of each call. They have to be ready at a moment’s notice.

“Nature can be as unforgiving as it is beautiful,” said Palin. “How long could you survive out there if you had to? You can wonder and hope for the best or you can be like the Survival Trial challengers and find out just what your strengths and weaknesses are. And good to know that folks like Joe [Poulin] and his team are also out there should the need rise. If you love the outdoors and public service, consider joining the volunteer rescue team in your area.”

Amazing America with Sarah Palin airs Thursday nights on Sportsman Channel.


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