Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott Bottled, Kicked in Face by Spring Break Attackers

Dak Prescott Attack

Mississippi State standout quarterback Dak Prescott and two other teammates, Damian Williams and Torrey Dale, were viciously assaulted in Panama City Beach, Florida, while attending a Waka Flocka concert during Spring Break.

A video of the beating showed Prescott getting kicked in the face while teammate Damian Williams appeared to be punched in the face while on his back on the ground.

A crowd watched and took cell-phone videos. One video shows multiple men beating on a standing Prescott against a car.

One of the pack attacking Prescott and the other players boasted of his efforts on Twitter. He offered a “haha” along with pictures from the attack along with a posed photo of several of the men resembling the assailants before removing the posts.

Mississippi State spokesman Bill Marin said that next year’s potential Heisman Trophy candidate incurred multiple lacerations, but did not need hospitalization. ESPN reached out to Prescott’s brother, Tad, who said that, “He’s fine.”

SB Nation reported that Damian Williams confirmed the incident on Twitter. “We got jumped for no reason,” he said. “It’s sad we can’t go anywhere without being attacked by people” before deleting the tweet.

Martin told ESPN  that the Mississippi State players didn’t instigate the fight and that the beating was “random.” The three of them were “jumped” and that Prescott “took the brunt of it.”

According to Martin, Prescott doesn’t plan on pressing charges and the three players are taking their talents back to Starkville.

Prescott threw 27 touchdowns to 11 interceptions during a 2014 campaign that saw the Mississippi State Bulldogs enjoy the top spot in national polls for several weeks during the season. They ultimately finished at 10-3 after losing to Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl.


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