New Website Tracks How Much NFL Teams Cheat

Brady AP
Associated Press

A new website that purports to chronicle how every team in the NFL cheats promises to “spread the truth” about how often professional football teams bend, break, and shatter the rules.

“So you think there’s only one NFL team that cheats? You’re wrong. All 32 NFL teams cheat. Yup, even your favorite team is a dirty cheater, but since they are not that good, nobody really cares,” the header on the site reads.

Promising that every incident listed as an example of “cheating” is verified by at least one third party report, the site tries to chronicle every major rule broken in the NFL.

“Every page and every individual scandal has a direct link posted for you to toss into the stinking cesspool of ignorance of the typical online comment thread,” the site says. even has a rating system to determine where the teams stands among the others.

The site’s rating scale finds that the Denver Broncos cheats the most in the NFL, assigning 11 incidents of cheating to the Mile High team. On the other end of the spectrum, the Jacksonville Jaguars, a less successful franchise than Denver, boast a score of 12 and only 4 “real cheats” assigned to their record. In fact, the site proclaims that the Jaguars are “the feeblest NFL cheaters.”

The site even has a section that tries to list all the cheating that has occurred in every NFL Super Bowl.

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