Warrant Issued for Adrien Broner for Bowling Alley Beating

Adrien Broner 2014
Dan Flynn

Cincinnati police issued a warrant for the arrest of boxer Adrien Broner stemming from an alleged beating outside of a bowling alley in January.

The incident allegedly involved the boxer losing big in bowling betting. After the local lanes kingpin decided to call it a night without allowing another chance for Broner to recoup his losses, the junior welterweight apparently lost it. He allegedly knocked his bowling bettor better out with his fists before, according to documents obtained by TMZ, he “retrieved a handgun from his vehicle, approached the victim, demanded money, then struck [the victim] in the face with a closed fist a second time, this time causing the victim to be rendered unconscious.”

The report adds, “Broner was then observed taking money out of the victim’s pockets while he was unconscious before fleeing the scene.”

Known less as a knockout artist in the ring than as a slick, pot-shotting, point-fighting, defensive-minded boxer, Broner won fame or infamy, depending on one’s perspective, by such stunts as flushing money down the toilet, ending a post-match faux popping of the question to a girlfriend with a proposal to…brush his hair, and dubbing himself the “can man” who beats up Mexicans.

The 31-2 Broner is scheduled to face Ashley Theophane for the Ohioan’s 140-pound title next weekend at the DC Armory. When Breitbart Sports caught up with Broner two years ago at that same venue, he spoke at length about his favorite subject: money.

“Some people might not ever see this much money in a lifetime,” Broner explained of the gold jewelry hanging around his neck, pinned to his ears, and even affixed to his teeth. “But I work hard for it, and all my taxes is paid.”

How much did the gaudy adornments cost him? “We can’t really talk about no numbers. I got baby mamas.”

And now he’s got court dates, too.