Boxer Broner Beats Bowling Betting Buddy (Allegedly); Fights Friday, Surrenders Monday

Adrien Broner fights, appropriately enough, tonight on April Fool’s Day. He turns himself in to Cincinnati police on Monday.

The Problem, who missed weight by less than half a pound on Thursday, faces Ashley Theophane for a 140-pound alphabet-soup belt (at least if the Brit wins) on Spike TV from the DC Armory. Then his problems increase when he faces assault charges regarding an alleged sore-loser beating meted out near a Cincinnati bowling alley. In other words, a man stripped of his belt on Thursday gets stripped of his freedom on Monday.

Broner, according to a lawsuit filed against him, really Munsonned his bowling betting buddy. The Cincinnati Enquirer‘s Kevin Grasha writes:

The allegations against Broner are included in a lawsuit filed last month by the man who said Broner knocked him unconscious and robbed him of $12,000 in cash.

Christopher Carson said he and Broner bowled against each other Jan. 20 at Madison Bowl. The lawsuit recounts how the two men mutually agreed to bet on their bowling prowess, with a single game’s wagering growing to $6,000.

By the end of the night, Carson had won thousands of dollars, the lawsuit says, and Broner wanted to bet another $6,000 on a final game.

Carson didn’t agree to that. When he left the bowling alley, the lawsuit says Broner was waiting for him with a group of eight men.

The lawsuit alleges Broner punched Carson, splitting his chin open, and then, gun in hand, continued to threaten Carson.

Afraid, Carson put his hands up.

Broner then punched Carson a second time, knocking him unconscious, the lawsuit says.

Carson said the cash was missing when he woke up.

Broner remains, for better and worse, the most colorful character in a sport full of them. From bedding an opponent’s “sidepiece” to ending a postfight faux-marriage proposal with a “Will you…brush my hair?” popped question to flushing money down the toilet on YouTube, 31-2 boxer with wins over Paulie Malignaggi and Carlos Molina garners attention outside of the ring to compensate for his pot-shotting point-fighting style drawing attention away from the ring.

Breitbart Sports caught up to him (see video above) two years ago in the very building he fights in tonight, and Broner brought his big personality to the brief interview. Should the soon-to-be defendant gainsay the motive laid out by the alleged victim, the prosecution might wish to turn to the Breitbart Sports clip for Exhibit A. The man really, really loves money.