Michael Sam: ‘How Many More Must Die from a Hate Crime?’


Michael Sam blamed bigotry and did not blame extremist Islam for the Orlando mass-shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando that killed 50, including the gunman, early Sunday morning.

The gay former football player declared on social media that “50 people lost their lives because of a hateful coward with a gun. Let this hateful act of terror on the #LGTBQ community be a wake up call for America. Men and women of all races, ages, and sexual orientation are being slaughtered because of hate crimes. How many more must die from a hate crime?”

The sight of two men kissing in Miami allegedly catalyzed Omar Mateen’s decision to target a gay bar in Orlando. The first-generation pledged allegiance to ISIS and spoke of the Boston Marathon Bombers in a conversation with authorities on Sunday morning. The FBI had previously investigated the Afghan-American.

Sam never mentions the words “Muslim” or “Islam” in his post but uses six variations of the word “hate.”

“We need to create awareness for ALL to show that hate is not the foundation of our nation,” Sam wrote on Instagram. “Friends DO NOT let this coward put fear into your hearts!!! Let us all come together stronger than ever and let the world know that we will not be terrorized or bullied by the actions of hateful bigots.”