Tennis Stars Given Hefty Fines for Wimbledon On-Court Meltdowns

Three tennis players received hefty fines for their on-court tantrums this week.

Serena Williams, the world’s top women’s player, was fined $10,000 for smashing her racket and then flinging it behind her during her three-set victory over Christina McHale on Friday. A cameraman who was off the court caught the racket, and Williams was lucky she did not strike a linesman or a ball boy on the court because that could have disqualified her.

Victor Troicki was fined $10,000 for his epic meltdown when the Serbian tennis star just lost it after what he felt was a missed call that gave his opponent match point. Troicki, who claimed the umpire was too inexperienced and unqualified to oversee a Wimbledon match, claimed the umpire missed about 20 calls and praised himself for behaving well until he just snapped before match point in his five-set loss to Albert Ramos Violas.

“No white, look at it!” shouted Troicki, as picked up the tennis ball and begged the referee to check it for its lack of chalk marks. “Come on please, look at it, once, once! Look at it.” “

Troiki then yelled, “You’re the worst umpire in the world, you’re so bad.”

“You’re horrible, you know what you did. You are the worst ever, you’re an idiot,” he continued during his epic rant. “You didn’t see anything in the match. You made about 30 mistakes for him and for me.” “What are you doing?”

But Britain’s Heather Watson’s $12,000 fine resulted in the most expensive on-court tantrum. Watson, after squandering three set points en route to losing 12-10 in the third set to Annika Beck in a second round match, smashed her racket into the grass after the loss. Watson’s fine is is the second-largest in Wimbledon history behind the $20,000 fine hot-headed and mercurial Italian Fabio Fognini received two years ago for berating a referee and making obscene gestures to his opponent during the match.