Rio Cops Seize Bags of Cocaine Using Olympic Logo on Them as Marketing Gimmick

Rio 2016 Olympics Mascots

Police in Rio de Janeiro uncovered a major crime on Monday night: unlicensed pharmacists infringing on the trademarks of the Olympics to peddle their product.

That product happened to be cocaine.

Police in Rio night seized 93 bags of powder cocaine, 28 bags of crack cocaine, and .40 caliber ammunition, according to, in a Rio raid. Many of the bags of coke featured the Olympic rings and the insignia for the Rio games. To atone for the transgression of using trademarks without authorization, the considerate dealers included the message “don’t use near children” on some of the plastic pouches.

As the International Olympic Committee makes headlines cleaning up the games of dirty competitors by banning 85 Russian athletes thus far and catching 98 cheaters in retests of past urine samples from participants in the Beijing and London games, the local authorities work feverishly to rid the streets of other kinds of drug malefactors. Crime, along with polluted water, incomplete construction, the Zika virus, terrorism, and a suffering economy, rank as serious concerns entering the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, which run from August 5-21 in Rio.