Richard Sherman: Donald Trump ‘Opposite of an Example for Our Children,’ a ‘Dangerous and Ignorant’ Influence

Richard Sherman
Dan Flynn

Richard Sherman didn’t say “not my president,” but the Seattle Seahawks defender clearly doesn’t believe President-elect Trump serves as a role model for children.

Writing in the Players’ Tribune, Sherman expressed how scary a world with President Trump could become, and the responsibility he believes parents have to combat this fear in their children. Sherman writes:

Kids — in second or third grade — worried about being deported. I think that was the moment when I realized just how impactful both this presidency and Trump’s rhetoric will be for our future generation. It’s unfortunate that we live in a time when our president-elect is the opposite of an example for our children. He will be one of those external factors that parents will have to combat — an example of somebody we don’t want our kids to talk like or emulate.

“But that’s where we come in, as parents. Now, we have to work even harder and do better to set an example, to offset the dangerous and ignorant things they might see or hear on TV.

You can read Sherman’s column in its entirety, here.

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