Candid Nails: Mets, Phils Great Lenny Dykstra Talks Trump, Palin, Tobacco, Strawberry, and More


Unfiltered. That’s one of many ways to describe Lenny Dykstra. The former Mets and Phillies star does not mince words. Instead he uses them any which way they happen to come out.

“Nails” speaks from the heart. He doesn’t hold back. Perhaps that’s why he likes Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Those unafraid to be politically incorrect have a certain kinship nowadays. This week, Dykstra spoke his mind on the President-elect, the former governor of Alaska, tobacco, baseball, his new book, and much more. If we learned nothing else, we know this much–“Nails” still has the swagger and bravado he had all those years ago when winning the World Series in New York and another pennant in Philadelphia.

While appearing on The Palin Update on Mama Grizzly Radio, Dykstra opened up about politics and our national pastime He also got very personal speaking about his ex-wife and very provocative when speaking about Darryl Strawberry’s anatomy. Dykstra covered a lot, much like he used to cover so much ground in centerfield.

While flying on a plane, Dykstra watched the votes come in on Election Night. The former Amazin’ was amazed by Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. “That was one of the most exciting (things) just because of the way he was supposed to lose by so many votes,” Dykstra said. That’s saying something, coming from a man who played in the Buckner game. He knows all about exciting events. And just like the Mets-Red Sox World Series, the presidential race turned out favorably. “He’s the right person to run the country,” added Dykstra. “I mean, she’s not. She wasn’t.”

As far as Dykstra is concerned, America made the best choice last month. “Bottom line is, Trump’s a respected businessman,” said Dykstra. “The reality is, if you’re running the country, it’s all about relationships and your teammates. So what’s going to be interesting to me is to see who he surrounds himself with.”

Perhaps Sarah Palin would be an asset to the new administration, someone Dykstra respects a “tremendous amount”, calling her a “class act”.

“Nails” still holds Davey Johnson largely at fault for the Mets only winning one world title in the 1980s. He points to his triple in the ninth inning in Game 6 against Houston in the NLCS as his defining moment. He says he’s still cool with Strawberry and Dwight Gooden. And he thinks Major League Baseball is going soft. When asked about the new rule that will ban tobacco products for incoming MLB players, Dykstra wonders if we’re not too far from seeing guys having “cookies and milk” in the dugout.

Baseball runs in the family, with two of Dykstra’s sons currently playing professionally. But, the grand old game needs a jolt in some aspects if you ask the man who played the sport with all his heart and soul. “When I played, if you talked to the other team, we’re fighting,” Dykstra said. “We’re fighting for real money. It’s not a joke. I gotta feed my family. So the bottom line is, you don’t talk to the other team. I see them all laughing with each other now. They all go to Sunday brunch together.”

It’s a gentler game compared to when the man known as “Nails” played it.

The 1986 Mets had a reputation as a wild bunch on and off the field. Dykstra recalls those days fondly and he’s still as unfiltered now as he was then. Maybe more so.

Dykstra’s book, House Of Nails is available everywhere. The former big leaguer wrote the memoir himself, after he couldn’t see eye to eye with a potential ghost writer.

On The Palin Update, Dykstra also discusses his thoughts on Bryce Harper, the key to playing winning baseball, steroids, and what could have made him move to Somalia. It’s unfiltered and very interesting, just like Dykstra himself.

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