Killing Chief Wahoo: Indians Take Additional Steps to Phase Out Chief Wahoo Logo


The Cleveland Indians continue their collective bow to political correctness, launching a new phase in their quest to phase out their Chief Wahoo logo.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “Clubhouse manager Tony Amato said the Indians won’t have an alternative jersey until 2018 after retiring the cream jerseys last season. They will, however, retain the red caps from the cream uniforms and wear them with their blue tops at home in 2017.”

Those red hats with the block “C,” will replace the hats with Chief Wahoo which the Indians normally would have worn with their home blue jerseys. Chief Wahoo will still make an appearance on the sleeve of the blue jerseys.

According to Mike Axisa of CBS Sports, “The Indians wore their Chief Wahoo hats throughout the entire 2016 postseason. Traditionally, the starting pitcher gets to pick the team’s uniform for that day’s game, and it worked out that Chief Wahoo was on their hat for all 15 games in October.

“Cleveland has been gradually phasing out the Chief Wahoo logo in recent years. The Cleveland Scene, a weekly publication, will propose some team nickname alternatives for the Indians this week.”

If this all sounds confusing, that’s because it is. After all, if the Indians truly believe they must get rid of Chief Wahoo, then why not just get rid of him, instead of weirdly and incrementally phasing him out”

The other question becomes the name “Indians” itself. The left has always intended to get rid of all Native American reference in sports. Former sportscaster Keith Olbermann already made that clear, with respect to Native American mascots in general, and the Indians in particular.

If the franchise insists on taking their marching orders from the politically correct, then what happens when their PC betters tell them that once they ditch Chief Wahoo, they must also get rid of the name “Indians?” Will we, on some dark day in the future after the Indians have re-named themselves the Cleveland Olbermanns, see Cleveland fans actually turned away from the ballpark because they’re donning the now disgraced and disavowed caricature of Chief Wahoo?

I really hope not. Chief Wahoo is far less offensive than Keith Olbermann.

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