NBA’s Enes Kanter: ‘Still in Disbelief About Muslim Ban’ Which Doesn’t Exist

Russell Westbrook and Enes Kanter of the Oklahoma City Thunder, seen in action during a NBA game at Madison Square Garden in New York

Going on Twitter became a dangerous proposition over the weekend, as the news world engaged in a mass, hyperbolic freak-out over President Trump’s executive orders regarding refugees and immigration.

Unfortunately, the sports world chimed in as well.

Enter Oklahoma City center Enes Kanter. Kanter, who hails from Turkey and in all likelihood would be in no way affected by Trump’s EOs unless he decided to vacation in Fallujah, took to Twitter to express his grief over President Trump’s initiatives:

Kanter, obviously, has gotten duped by the media lies regarding Trump’s EOs. According to Conservative Review, Trump’s initiatives are by no means a “Muslim ban,” but instead, “…a moratorium on immigration or re-entries from seven individual countries and a temporary moratorium on refugees from all countries, subject to case-by-case exceptions.”

If President Trump wanted to ban all Muslims, why wouldn’t the country of Indonesia be on the list? Indonesia is only the largest Muslim nation on the world. Seems like it would make sense to ban the country that has the most Muslims if that’s the goal.

Does it make the EOs a Muslim ban if the countries Trump put on the immigration/refugee list happen to be majority Muslim countries? To effect a Muslim ban, why worry about identifying any particular countries because the ban is based on religion, not nationality.

But, if Trump’s EOs constitute a Muslim ban because they primarily impact majority Muslim countries, didn’t then-President Barack Obama engage in a Muslim ban in 2011 when he halted all immigration from Iraq for six months? Last time I checked, Iraq had a majority Muslim population.

Where was the trending “Muslim Ban” hashtag making its way around social media back then?

In a world with an honest, objective media, a tragic misreading of the facts such as Kanter’s couldn’t take place. That’s if we lived in that kind of world.

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