NCAA Threatens to Extend Championship Ban on North Carolina if HB2 Not Repealed Soon

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If the State of North Carolina doesn’t repeal their HB2 bathroom ordinance in the next 11 days, the NCAA has threatened to extend their ban on holding championship sports events in the Tarheel State for an additional five years.

On Monday, Luke DeCock of the Raleigh News-Observer shared a letter sent from the North Carolina Sports Association to the North Carolina General Assembly in which the association told the assembly of their intentions:

DeCock then goes on to detail the rather extensive nature of the hissy fit thrown by the sports organization, and what they’re apparently willing to do. DeCock explains, “The letter the N.C. Sports Association sent legislators on Monday spells it out in brutal detail. The NCAA’s individual sports committees will, over the next 7-10 days, convene to begin their final deliberations about event sites for the 2018-19 through 2021-22 academic years. Those decisions will come at the end of the month. They have been instructed to exclude all 133 of North Carolina’s bids from consideration if HB2 is still on the books.”

Nor, is that all the NCAA has planned. According to DeCock, “Once the state is out of the running for those four years, the NCAA will act quickly to pull next year’s events from the state, including the NCAA basketball first and second rounds set for Charlotte.”

So, if the State of North Carolina doesn’t trample the will of their legislature and their voters in the next week and a half, the NCAA and the leftist activists who run it will pick up their ball and go home.

That’s their prerogative. However, in an era where college political activism has reached the point where violent rioting is commonplace, and the President of the United States feels compelled to openly ruminate on whether or not federal funding should be pulled from institutions, maybe it’s time to consider whether or not federal dollars, or state dollars, or any dollars, need to flow to a sports organization that threatens voters with leftist activism?

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