Jose Canseco Believes Robots Will Rise Up and Conquer Humanity

Jose Canseco, Gary Holmes

Jose Canseco does not scare easy, but when he does, it’s probably because he’s thinking about the coming robot apocalypse.

On Monday, Canseco opted to spend his President’s Day forewarning of the rise of the machines, which will ultimately spell our undoing and herald the end of our human reign over planet Earth.

Check it out:

It’s often said that people embrace the hair style of the period of their life where they had the most fun and success. Canseco’s late 80’s, early 90’s-friendly hairstyle certainly seems to back that up. But apparently, he’s taken it a step further and embraced the plot line from The Terminator.

Only time will tell if Canseco’s prophecy that the machines will become self-aware and rise up against us will prove true. Until then, hasta la vista, baby.

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