Official Sighting: Bill Belichick’s Has Renamed Boat ‘VII Rings’

AP Photo
The Associated Press

Notice to mariners: a vessel skippered by a man with many more Super Bowl championships than you has taken to the waters. How will you know this seagoing testament to NFL prowess has more rings than you? Well, because it says so.

As first seen by Barstool Sports, Bill Belichick has officially renamed his boat “VII Rings” in honor of his Super Bowl LI victory:

Why seven rings, when the Patriots only have five? That’s because Belichick includes the two Super Bowls he won with the New York Giants as defensive coordinator. Belichick has renamed each vessel after each championship. However, this marks Belichick’s first renaming of this vessel since he donated “V Rings” to a community sailing center in Rhode Island.

Still, that boat seems a bit small for a man with the amount of coin and hardware as Bill Belichick. If Belichick and Brady continue hauling in championships at the rate they have over the last fifteen years, the moment may come where Bill says to himself, “we’re going to need a bigger boat.”

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