Patriots ‘Will Not Consider’ Drafting Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon

The New England Patriots have seen all they need to see of controversial Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon, and they’ve decided they want no part of him. Though, the footage which convinced the Super Bowl champs that Mixon wasn’t Patriot material didn’t come from a game against Oklahoma State or Baylor.

No, the film that killed Mixon’s chances of playing for Bill Belichick was the same film which showed him punching a woman.

According to a report from the Boston Herald, the Patriots have zero interest in Mixon and will not consider drafting him. This means that the chances of the running back going to the AFC East have just taken a major hit, since the Patriots division rival, the Miami Dolphins, have also said they will not consider drafting him.

Of course, there are plenty of teams who will consider taking Mixon. If the Cowboys didn’t have Ezekiel Elliott and glaring needs on the defensive side of the ball, they would likely consider Mixon, given their penchant for gambling on players of dubious moral fiber.

One would think Cincinnati and Baltimore would also figure into the Mixon sweepstakes. Though, in Baltimore’s case, given that Mixon’s assault tape is every bit as awful as Ray Rice’s, the particular baggage carried by this player may hit a little too close to home.

Keep an eye on Kansas City, though, towards the end of the first round. KC has a need at the position, and Andy Reid has shown himself willing to take chances on troubled players in the past, including current Chief Tyreek Hill who punched and choked his pregnant girlfriend.

With Alex Smith showing signs of decline, the Chiefs might consider Mixon worth the risk late in the first.

Still though, when the best team in football, and probably the best coach in the history of the NFL takes a guy off his board, you just might want to steer clear of him.

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