Reds Slay Bandwagon Cubs Fans with Jumbotron Troll

Cincinnati Reds Jumbotron

April 22 (UPI) — The Cincinnati Reds were straight savage Saturday with a roast of the Chicago Cubs at Great American Ball Park.

During its 6-5 heartbreaking loss Friday at Great American Ball Park, the Reds’ cameramen scanned the crowd with a “Bandwagon Cam.” Cubs fans typically flock to the park during the National League Central series every year, as it isn’t far from Chicago.

The “Bandwagon Cam” showed various Cubs supporters throughout the stadium, while slapping text labels on them reading why they are bandwagon fans.

One label showed two young girls and read “Life long Cubs fan since 2016.” Another read: “Bought this shirt earlier today.” Other labels included: “White Sox fan in 2005; Never been to Chicago Before; Doesn’t know who Ernie Banks is; Was here for the Orioles series in a Manny Machado jersey; After Game 4 I bought an Indians jersey; Thought David Ross was just a Dancing With the Stars contestant; Thanks Bill Murray played for the Cubs; Thinks the goat was their old mascot; Doesn’t know the words to go Cubs go; and Thinks Old Style is vintage clothing.”

The Reds trailed the Cubs 3-0 in the bottom of the first inning Saturday at Great American Ball Park. The series wraps up at 1:10 p.m. Sunday in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati is currently 0.5 game behind the Cubs for the division lead.