NFL Commish Signals Willingness to Trim Preseason Schedule

goodell ready
AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that he has listened to the fans, and what he’s heard, is that the fans do not like preseason football.

According to Bob Glauber of Newsday, Goodell said, “When I go around to fans, that’s maybe the No. 1 thing I hear. The NFL should do things to the highest possible standards. Preseason games are not that.”

Goodell said of preseason games, “There’s value to them, building a team, evaluating players. But there are other ways of doing that. I think we could do it in three [games]. Almost every coach has agreed we could get done what we need to in three games.”

While that part rings true, Goodell quite possibly has ulterior motives when it comes to the issue of shortening the preseason. In the past, the commissioner has fought for a shortening of the preseason before, however, he has also fought for expanding the regular season by two games. Such a move would, of course, make more money for the league. Which in turn would lead to the players wanting a larger slice of the pie.

It’s unclear whether Goodell and the owners would consent to a financial restructuring to accommodate the players. However, Goodell has said that the players would play a role in the process.

“Any change in the [overall game] structure, we said that we would collectively bargain,” Goodell said.