6-Year-Old Boy With Terminal Cancer Scores a Touchdown on the Ohio High School Gridiron


Walter “Superbubz” Herbert made the number six, mean something different last Friday.

On most days, Walter deals with the reality of being a six-year-old boy with terminal cancer. Yet, on Friday night, on a high school football field, he made the number six count for a touchdown.

Herbert joined the Colerain Cardinals on the field during pre-game, where he displayed all the grit and determination of a real fighter. After taking the hand-off, Walter ran right over hapless defenders on his way in for the score.

He also carried the team flag onto the field before the start of the game, served as a captain for the coin toss, and spent the day with the Cincinnati Police and SWAT team.

Walter’s father, Wally Herbert, spoke about the outpouring of goodwill toward his son.

“He’s helping everybody else, and everybody else is helping him. I really didn’t know there was that much good left in the world. Let’s help all of these kids, let’s give every kid a chance to do something like this.”

According to WTHR News, “Saturday night Superbubz served as the honorary captain at the FC Cincinnati game and next week Fairfield School District has plans to make him a high school graduate.”




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