J.J. Watt on His Finger: ‘Just Busted the Bone Through the Skin, Nothing bad, Just Tape It up.’

AP David J. Phillip
AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Well, he didn’t exactly “rub some dirt on it,” but J.J. Watt still found a way to play with a gruesome injury.

J.J. Watt took time out from his herculean hurricane relief efforts on Sunday, and played some football. He also suffered an injury that would cause most people to lose consciousness. When talking to the media after the Texans 29-7 shellacking, at the hands of the Jaguars. Watt revealed something lost in all of the action, his finger bone broke through his skin.

During the discussion with reporters, Watt said, “I felt fine,” Watt said. “I messed up my finger a little bit, but other than that my body felt fine. Just busted the bone through the skin. Nothing bad, just tape it up.”

One would think, after beginning a sentence by saying your finger’s been messed up, “a little bit.” That the next sentence out of your mouth, wouldn’t include the words, “busted the bone through the skin.”

After all, exposed bone, normally means your injury has progressed past the point of, “a little bit.”

Then again, most people aren’t J.J. Watt.

While impressive, Watt’s toughness also helps to distract from the fact the Texans both got beaten badly by Jacksonville, and, have no idea who their quarterback will be on Thursday night.



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