‘Sports Illustrated’ Reveals New Cover: ‘Athletes United’ Against President Trump

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At any other point in history a magazine calling itself Sports Illustrated, putting out a cover which did not illustrate sports, might seem a bit odd. Then again, few other points in history have been as dumb as 2017.

On Tuesday, the magazine allegedly dealing with the illustration of sports, turned their cover into a monument to sports justice activism. Featuring an arm-in-arm wall of some of the most jumbled, thrown together characters in the sports world:

Funny how the headline refers to, “A Nation Divided,” as if the sports world has nothing to do with that nation being divided. For over a year, the NFL has engaged in a systematic attack on the two most unifying symbols of our nation: the flag, and the national anthem. In his statement, delivered after the first time he sat for the anthem, Colin Kaepernick said, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

In that statement, Colin Kaepernick clearly states that he believes his country, and the flag that represents it, are symbols of oppression and racism. The flag and the anthem, two things meant to unite us, are symbols of racism and oppression to him. How in the world can the Kaepernick’s message be one of unity, when he attacks the very things that unite us?

Yet the protest movement which Sports Illustrated celebrates in this cover, was founded and inspired by Kaepernick’s action and his words. There’s no getting around that. Kaepernick gave this movement a name and a face, and he spoke the words that formed its very basis. Though, those weren’t words of unity, they were words of anger and division. They were words aimed at tearing down, not building up.

An inconvenient truth, which likely explains why Sports Illustrated elected to not feature Kaepernick on the cover. Lest they have to admit that the modern protest movement was founded by a radical activist.

If Sports Illustrated were interested in writing an honest title, to go along with their cover. They would write, “A Nation Even More Divided, Because the Sports World United.” Because the sports world united behind hate and division. Because the sports world saw the light, yet chose the dark. Had the sports world chosen to embrace constructive activism based on real solutions for real problems, there would have existed the chance for a genuine moment of unity and possibly, real change.

Instead, because these players are the self-centered offspring of a generation taught that it was more important to feel than to think, we end up with what we have: a narcissistic fashion show for millionaire rebels without cause, clue, or class.

No one disputes that divisions exist in this country, yet, after several polls and survey’s which all point to the fact that the public has rejected the anti-American message of the protesters, it’s clear that the efforts of the wannabe reformers aren’t working. Yet instead of seeing this and changing course in order to win the public to their side, they persist.

In fact, not only do they persist, the protests grow.

Showing that this isn’t about police brutality, black lives mattering, racism, and it’s certainly not about President Trump. This is about them, an elongated and narcissistic ego-trip played out against the backdrop of what was once the greatest sports league in the world. A melodrama enabled by activists masquerading as sports fans at ESPN, NBC, CBS, Fox, and Sports Illustrated.

The NFL’s Rome was not built in a day, but it sure came down quick. Eventually the left will destroy the NFL, and sports, the way it destroys everything. All the host has to do is lay back and do nothing, the disease takes care of everything else. And the history will reflect, that when Roger Goodell and the leadership of the sports world had a chance to stand and defend sports, our great unifying force, from the siege of leftist activism that threatened to destroy it. That’s precisely what they did, nothing.



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