NFL: Fans Who Use Racial Slurs Will Be Banned

NFL Ready

After recent allegations of fans screaming the n-word at players, the league has come up with a plan to deal with spectators who use racial slurs: ban them.

The NFL is investigating the claims of Redskins receiver Terrelle Pryor, who claimed that a fan screamed the n-word at him multiple times during Monday night’s game in Kansas City. The slurs, according to Pryor, are what prompted him to turn around and yell, “F**k you!” at the fan.

NFL Spokesman Joe Lockhart reiterated that the league is investigating the Pryor incident. While reminding fans that they will face permanent bans for the use of any racial slurs.

According to Pro Football Talk, Lockhart said, “We are looking into all aspects of it and we will report back when we have concluded that review.

“We have no tolerance for racial comments directed to anyone. Those fans are not welcome to come back this week, next week, or any time.”

Of course, identifying and proving that a fan actually used a racial slur will be extremely difficult. Also there will be the temptation on the part of players to accuse heckling fans of using racial slurs, since they know they can get the fan removed.

Still, the NFL has every right to do this and there is no place for racial slurs at a sporting event, or anywhere else.

Yet, it is amazing how quickly the NFL threatens its fans while taking no action against its players. For instance, on Wednesday, Cam Newton made openly sexist comments to a female reporter during a press conference. Is he getting suspended? No, in fact the league has already made clear that they won’t discipline Newton for the incident.

Take a look at the anthem protests, for over a year fans have been threatening to walk away from football due to the players disgracing our flag and anthem. Still, even after fans actually started walking away from the game, not only has the league not put a stop to the protests, they actually took the players side.

Yet, here we have an an incident where a fan, allegedly, screams a racial slur at a player, and the league reaction is immediate. Not only do they react immediately, but they react with threats and judgment before any facts in the case are known. Against the paying customers who are making it possible for them to live the lifestyle of kings, while playing a game.

Again, there’s no place for racial slurs and the NFL can do what they want. However, one wonders when the NFL will start reacting with a sense of urgency when their fans voice their concerns? At the rate in which the NFL is losing viewers and spectators, one would hope they do it soon.



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