Report: Majority of NFL Owners Want Goodell Contract Delayed

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The sports media has spent a lot of time making it appear as though Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones is a lone wolf among NFL owners, when it comes to his attempt to block or delay Roger Goodell’s contract extension.

However, a new report from CNBC’s Scott Wapner says that more than half of the NFL’s owners want to delay Roger Goodell’s contract extension. While some of the owners have substantive reasons for wanting to delay Goodell’s extension, some others apparently want to do it for P.R. reasons.

According to Wapner, some want to delay the extension of Goodell’s contract, “if for no other reason than they think the timing doing it now would be a P.R. disaster.”

Regardless of their motivation, if true, the report proves that the sports media’s portrayal of Jones as a lone wolf is way off base. Yet, will Jones’ majority faction of owners be enough to force a delay of Goodell’s contract?

The NFL requires 24 owners to block Goodell’s contract extension and/or remove him from his post. Wapner’s report doesn’t say how many owners would vote against Goodell, however, if he had the requisite number of 24, one would think he would have reported that.

Though, none of that means Jones is powerless either.

A majority block of owners could still succeed in reducing Goodell’s contract even if they couldn’t stop succeed in stopping it. According to reports Goodell has asked for a contract of $50 million, use of a private plane, and health insurance for his family, for life.

That’s a lot of money and a lot of perks for Jones and his allies to chip away at.



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