Washington State Coach Mike Leach Believes ‘Talladega Nights’ Is ‘Part Documentary’

AP Donna McWilliam
AP Photo/Donna McWilliam

There are very few college or pro football coaches that anyone would want to hear talk at length. Especially since most of what these coaches say consists of a litany of cliches and catch phrases.

However, there’s a college football coach that we all need to hear much, much more from.

Washington State’s Mike Leach wrote an article in the Player’s Tribune. Leach used the space to write about sports movies. Though, Leach didn’t spend most of his time talking about Field of Dreams, Brian’s Song, The Natural, or any of the other sports movie classics.

Instead, he spent most of his time talking about Talladega Night’s:

You can’t really talk about great sports movies, though, without mentioning Talladega Nights, that Ricky Bobby one. That movie is off-the-charts funny — and after getting to know some NASCAR guys over the years, I realize that it isn’t just a straight comedy. It’s part documentary. I know people who do stuff like name one of their kids Walker and the other Texas Ranger. If you go to any elementary school classroom in Texas, some kids in there are going to be named either Austin, Dallas or Houston. That’s basically the same thing. I wouldn’t do that, or at least I’d try to get more creative with it. Name your kid Amarillo or Carrizo Springs. You know what, I’m going to move back to Texas, have another kid and name him Fort Stockton.

If Leach really wanted to get creative, would name his new Texan child Cut and Shoot. But of course, he’s free to do as he pleases.

The rest of Leach’s article can and should be read, here.