Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight (Makes a Great Rifle Even Greater)

Sightmark's Ultra Shot Reflex Sight is a reliable, user-friendly 4-pattern optic that makes a great rifle even greater.
AWR Hawkins

Sightmark’s Ultra Shot Reflex Sight is a reliable, user-friendly 4-pattern optic that makes a great rifle even greater.

We know this is so because we placed one on Battle Tested Equipment’s (BTE’s) Sub9 Carbine and wore targets out in various settings and various distances.

On August 23, 2017, Breitbart News posted a review of the Sub9 Carbine in which we reported:

The rifle comes with a Magpul stock and grip, and the version we shot had BTE Offset Sights, which means the sights are literally offset to right-of-center of the gun (instead of being directly over the barrel like traditional ARs). The purpose for this is to keep the area directly over the upper receiver open for optics–red dot, green dot, etc.–and to allow the gun owner to either aim via the optic or turn the gun slightly to the left and use the pop-up Offset Sights. This design allows the gun owner to quickly switch between the red dot or open sights by simply twisting the gun two inches either way.

The Sub9 Carbine was a hit because of its accuracy and precision, and we know it was only a matter of time until we placed an optic on it to see how the gun felt when rolling left and right to switch between optics and iron sights.

Enter the Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight.

The Ultra Shot actually did something that seemed unlikely: it made shooting the Sub9 Carbine even more fun. It accomplished this by being very user-friendly.

The Ultra Shot is a great for someone who is just beginning to learn about rifle optics because it is built for quick familiarization. It is simple to use and the brightness and reticle settings are easy to manipulate.

Moreover, it works. We put a hurting on some steel targets while we had the Ultra Shot mounted on the BTE Sub9 Carbine.

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