North Korean Cheerleader Caught Clapping for U.S. Athletes, Quickly Stopped by Fellow Cheerleader

Getty Images NK Cheerleaders
Getty Images

Japanese TV caught one of North Korea’s Olympic cheerleaders clapping when a pair of U.S. skaters were introduced. The liberal sports media has been wowed by the synchronized North Korean cheerleaders, but many were shocked to see the woman clapping for the Americans.

The North Korean cheerleaders, dubbed the “army of beauties,” were enthusiastic for their fellow countrymen, Ryom Tae Ok and Kim Ju Sok, as they skated out onto the ice to perform their routine.

After the North Korean skaters finished, Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim of the U.S. team took to the ice. However, as the U.S. pair was introduced, one of the North Korean cheerleaders was seen enthusiastically clapping for the U.S. duo, a big no-no if you’re a North Korean cheerleader:

While the left was quite taken by the synchronized chants of the North Korean cheer squad, others have pointed out that they cheer because they are literally cheering for their lives. As a reminder of that, sinister, black-masked guards always sit flanking the colorfully attired and energetic cheerleaders.

The guards are said to be trained in martial arts and are members of an elite military squad in the North.

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