Former NFL QB Jake Plummer Rips ‘Scared’ NFL Owners for Not Signing Kaepernick

AP Photo Ted S. Warren
AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer thinks he has the answer for why Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed, and it’s not an answer that NFL owners are going to find the least bit amusing.

In Plummer’s opinion, Kaepernick remains unemployed because NFL owners are “scared,” and “uneducated on him as a person.”

In an interview with the Denver Post that was published on Tuesday night, Plummer said he believes that Kaepernick would be an ideal fit for the Broncos. Though, the 10-year NFL veteran doubts whether the Broncos would make the move.

“I think that (the owners are) all scared, and that they’re uneducated on him as a person and what he wants to do,” Plummer told the Post. “I don’t know if he wants to play for organizations run by scared, kind of bigoted people that don’t understand what it’s like to be in the shoes of someone like him and to see the things he’s seen and to relate to the people that go through the atrocities of what everyday people deal with.

“I don’t know. I hope someone does. I would really love it because I love watching him play. I would love to see him come here (to Denver), but I’m not sure if they would do that.”

The resumption of Kaepernick’s career, even if there was a team wanting to sign him, is complicated by the collusion grievance Kaepernick has filed against the league. The grievance claims that NFL owners “colluded,” to prevent Kaepernick from signing on with a team after he walked away from his contract in San Francisco.

The NFL denies the charge.

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