Massachusetts High School Baseball Team Beats Opponent 82-0, Winning Coach Felt ‘Sick’

AP Ross D. Franklin
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A Mattapoisett, MA, high school baseball coach feels “sick” after watching his team travel 88 miles to Notre Dame Cristo Rey to win 82-0, setting a new state record for margin of victory.

Old Rochester baseball coach Steve Carvalho told the Boston Herald, “I’m sick to my stomach over this. We really tried everything possible. We told the kids don’t take extra bases, no sprinting – we even had kids bunting and they couldn’t make the routine plays. We had kids hitting balls 300 feet and jogging to first.”

He added, “We even asked that they stop the game after four innings and they said no. Believe me, we exhausted all options in our power.”

The two teams from different divisions reportedly ended up playing each other due to a scheduling error.

Carvalho took the blame, saying, “We had 18 games and we were searching for a 19th game. We looked at the MIAA website and saw Cristo Rey was looking for a game. I noticed they were 11-8 and made the tournament. I didn’t realize at the time that there were two Cristo Reys.”

The schools meet again May 19 and Carvalho plans to use his junior varsity team with hopes to prevent another beatdown.

Per the Boston Herald:

Winning pitcher Don King tossed a no-hitter, striking out 16 and helped his own cause by going 15-for-17 at the plate. Even more incredulous is the fact losing pitcher John Gustim pitched all eight innings (the game was stopped after eight), allowing 92 hits and watching as his defense committed 22 errors.

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