Watch: Alabama Football Player Has Arm Broken in Violent Hazing Attack, Sues for $12 Million

alabama hazing

An Alabama teenager had his arm broken in a football hazing incident, now that same teenager plans to sue for $12 million.

Rodney Kim Jr. 14, had just been promoted to the varsity football team at Davidson High School in Alabama. However, as a rite of passage, Kim had to endure a hazing ritual which left him with a broken arm:

Kim’s father, Rodney Kim Sr., relayed his shock over the incident to Fox 10:

“There’s some hatred in there, I mean they beat him, they maliciously beat him. I mean, it’s just uncalled for…I mean you never envision your child, being so helpless, and you can’t do anything.”

While the school has taken action by suspending four of the students involved in the incident. That hasn’t stopped the Kim’s from seeking financial damages in the amount of $12 million from the Mobile County Board of Education.

In addition, as reports, the victim’s family is also trying to force Davidson High to forfeit all of its games in 2018, and, to fire their entire coaching staff and institute a formal ban on hazing in all high schools.

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