UFC Fighter: Fans Bothered by Husband’s Nazi Tattoo Are ‘Sensitive *ss Mofos’

Andrea Lee, Husband

A UFC fighter is now fighting against strong criticism on social media, after posting a picture from a recent family vacation. Specifically, a photo of her husband which revealed a swastika tattoo on his left forearm.

In the picture, Andrea Lee “KGB” Lee stood next to her husband Donny Aaron while he flexed his left arm. Near the top of his forearm, is a swastika:


Lee tweeted and then deleted a post in which she called critics of her husband’s tattoo, “Sensitive ass mofos.” However, the tweet was saved by Bleacher Report’s JE Snowden:


As The Big Lead reports, the website Sports Joe found an Instagram post where Aaron was asked if he had any Nazi ink:

‘in fact a have many tattoos that are racist in nature. However, my heart has no tattoo on it. I can’t undo what I did and I’m very respectful in public (always wearing long sleeves) but I have gotten caught in short sleeves in pictures on occasion’

There’s certainly no attempt to run, or hide from the issue there. Whether that makes Aaron’s critics feel any better about the tattoo, is another question.

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