Jason Whitlock: LeBron in Los Angeles to Be Hollywood’s Political Puppet

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Jason Whitlock opened up the Independence Day edition of his Fox Sports 1 Speak for Yourself episode, charging that LeBron James moved to Los Angeles to challenge Donald Trump and Kanye West.

While becoming a potential future Democratic nominee for President and a tool of liberal Hollywood executives who view the black man as a puppet to be controlled.
The no-holds-barred opening included a politically incorrect joke based on the premise that a professional women’s team could not compete with a professional men’s team, when he said James had given up on chasing championships to be political.

“That crew (his Lakers’ teammates) might go seven games with the LA Sparks (the city’s professional women’s team). LeBron moved to Los Angeles to chase Muhammad Ali. This is a purely political move,” Whitlock continued. “Ali lost fights … but Ali is regarded as the greatest because of what he represented off the court, and how he was framed by the anti-war left wing media.

“Hollywood is ground zero for the social justice and race warriors. Hollywood controls popular culture and LeBron came here to be outfitted for his multi-billion dollar puppet strings,” said Whitlock, continuing to compare James to T’Challa, the star of the blockbuster Black Panther movie. “The alleged star of the movie, T’Challa, was a puppet for a group of liberal black feminists … That’s how the liberal elite Hollywood sees the black man, a puppet to be controlled.

“LeBron is going to be the real-life T’Challa. His handlers will be left wing Hollywood executives, colonizers. They are going to spend the next decade framing James as the anti-Kanye West, as a liberal superhero able to leap Donald Trump with a single bound. LeBron might not ever win another NBA title, but I can guarantee you in 10 years, people will be whispering his name as a Democratic nominee for President and they’ll damn sure will call him the Muhammed Ali of this generation.”

The show then continued with a panel discussion which included Chris Broussard, the 12-year ESPN veteran who was attacked in 2013 for stating conservative Christian views on homosexuality, and shifted networks three years later to join Fox Sports 1.


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